Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Merry Christmas

As the school year draws to a close, Mrs Grant and Mrs Turner would like to wish all our Team 8 families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are in awe of how much these children have grown and progressed. Thank you for letting us have them from 9-3pm. We will miss them terribly next year.


Team 8 are VERY excited about Santa. 
Here are some pictures they have drawn for you. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

What am I?

On Thursday, Team 8 had a go at descriptive writing.
We learned that we had to build a picture in our readers mind by using lots of describing words (adjectives.

Hare are some of our "descriptions". Can you guess what we are?

clue: They are 'olden day' things that we saw at the Howick Historical Village.


What am I?
I am brown and hairy.
I have 4 legs.
I have a carriage on the back of me.
I am used for taking people places.
What am I?
- By Lachie

What am I?
I am browny.
I am made of metal and wood.
I am a little bit hot.
I feel hard.
I look like a semi circle.

I am used for ironing clothes.
What am I?
- By Ryan

What am I?
I am green.
I have numbers.
I have a string.
I am hard.
I am made from plastic.
I am used for talking to people.
What am I?
- By Maddie

What am I?
I am brown and I am hard.
I am bumpy.
I am used for filling bedding.
I am hairy.
I was used in the olden days.
What am I?
- By Anastasia

What am I?
I am made of metal.
I am very hot.
I am brown.
I am hard.
I am used for ironing clothes.
What am I?
- By Anoji

Here are some pictures of our original pieces. Can you see how we used the success criteria to self assess our writing?

Is Technology Good or Bad?

Today I asked Team 8 to reflect on what they have learned about technology. I asked them if they thought technology was good or bad. Here is a short video I took of some of the children sharing their thoughts...

Please leave us a comment with a question you think could help us to better understand the implications (good and bad) that technology brings to the world? We will answer them with a reply. 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Tom and William Talk About Capacity

We are always trying new things in Team 8. Today our task was to talk about our learning. 
A special thanks to Lachie who was filming for the first time too. I think they all did a pretty stellar job, don't you?

Friday, 17 November 2017

Baking Muffins/Cupcakes

Who knew maths could be so much fun!
Volume, Capacity and cooking. 
Lets make some muffins said Mrs Grant!
Yipee, said Team 8!
So here we are measuring, mixing, cooking and most importantly eating!   Yummo!
We ran out of Bananas so the lovely Ella, Sayuni and Ethan had to donate their banana from their lunch box! Sorry to their mummies!
Nayla, James and Mason were Mrs Grant helpers and helped with the dishes. Thank you!
And a huge sorry to all the parents for the kids who didn't eat all their lunches that day... those Muffins were HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Volume and Capacity in the Sandpit

Last Friday Team 8 went out to estimate, experiment and measure lots of different containers in the sandpit.
We used lots of different maths words like: more than, less than, full, half full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty.
Mrs Grant set us a challenge to try and estimate how many tablespoons different containers might hold. Team 8 had to work as teams to estimate and measure.
We are clever Mathematicians!

Next week we are going to make some Muffins!