Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Civil Engineer Visits Team 8

Today we had a very special visitor. Her name was Kirsten and she is a civil engineer. We learned all about what civil engineers do. 
Did you know that civil engineers design and help to build our roads, bridges, services(sewer and wiring pathways) runways and tunnels?

She showed us a heap of pictures and told us about all the different types of bridges and how they work.

We tried out making bridges with our bodies. Can you guess what type of bridge we are trying to make?

THEN... The most exciting part happened! Kirsten let us build our very own arch bridge. Team 8 did a super job working together as a team to put all the wedges in place. It was a little tricky, we had to check what side of the wedge we were putting towards the middle. 

 Look how strong arch bridges are!!!! we can even stand on them! 

Afterwards, Mrs Clyde told us that the very top wedge of the arch bridge was called 'they keystone'. It is the strongest part of the arch.

We get to keep the 'bridge kits' in our room for the next few weeks, so if you have some spare time come in and have a play - Can you make a bridge that is strong enough for you to stand on?

It was a pretty cool experience. I think that some of team 8 might take this new learning into their Passion projects/Genius time next term!
... watch this space :-)


  1. Team 8 I hope it was cool.What did you learn that was interesting?

  2. Great speech Ashton..hahha