Thursday, 2 March 2017

Talking about our Learning

Today Team 8 were practicing how to confidently and clearly share our learning. 
Mrs Turner showed us how to take a movie and we were left to 'give it a go' with a buddy. 

Here are some videos of us (hopefully if Mrs Turner actually worked out how to upload them!) talking about The Life Cycle of a Frog.


  1. Jiayu Jerry HUAN4:17 pm

    It is not easy to express one’s opinions or ideas logically, accurately, attractively and confidently. Good job, boys and girls! Well done!

  2. You did it Mrs Turner!! Excellent work boys and girls in super Room 8! I really enjoy watching these videos.

  3. You did such a good job at teaching us about the life cycle of a frog. Well done Team 8!
    From Mrs Burge