Monday, 6 March 2017

W.A.L.T: Draw our faces.

Self Portraits

Team 8 have been looking at the features and shapes of our faces.  We have been looking at mirrors to see where and what shape our features of our face are.  
We discovered that some of our faces are more round than others.  Our eyes are an oval shape.  
These are a few photos of us looking at the mirrors.  Then there are a few photos of the beginning of our Self Portraits.
We are still working on our masterpieces!


  1. Wow! Room 8, you are fantastic artists! I can't wait to come into your room and see your finished portraits!
    From Mrs Burge

    1. We have finished our Self Portraits Mrs Burge

  2. Jiayu Jerry HUAN9:42 pm

    Really interesting!